Let’s talk pixies!

Where do Pixies come from?

First, we need to define the word because in mythology there are many names for the supernatural beings such as sprite, fairy, elves, and all the different variations of them. Technically, pixies originate in Cornwall and Devon, England. Sprites are a separate group of beings and fairies a third. However, over time, the three became interchangeable as synonyms by most people without issue. 

I prefer to continue to see them as separate, but I don’t begrudge those who don’t. Although, I also like to use the spelling faerie. And, while we’re on that subject, I believe that the terms fae and elves are the same. Fae is like human and elf is a particular race of that humanity. (Which just made my mind get in a jumble over capitalization . . . don’t judge. This is why I hire editors to debate with, lol)

The origin of the word pixie is Celtic, leading to the question – are all pixies Celtic? My gut reaction was no. And it turns out I was right.

There are pixies all over the world. According to Ty Hulse’s blog, Asian fairies were very similar to pixies. Known as Shin in Chinese and Kami in Japan, they spread out throughout Asia. It’s possible, they were even the founding members of the Japanese, Korean, and Mongolian races among others.

In Africa there are the Yumboes. They’re also known as Bakhna Rakhna, which is equivalent to Good Neighbor, which is the same term used by the Scottish for faeries. Nymphs are very elven in Greek mythos and there’s the Jinni from Arabic lore.

None of these beings are exactly the same, but there are enough similarities that it has only created more questions for me, rather than answers.

That’s fine . . . there’s a white rabbit I need to follow, lol.