I’m so glad you stopped by after listening to the Finding Fantasy Reads podcast. Karyne and Paeter did such a great job with Realm of Sea Castles, didn’t they!

I have a special offer just for podcast listeners – a free copy of Ingrid, The Viking Maiden. Book 1 of my completed Viking Maiden series. 


A big dream. A hidden Destiny.  

Could this be it? Could this be . . . her chance?

Dragons return to their lands, and Ingrid’s farming village is under attack. Her father must travel to the king for help, and Ingrid believes it’s her time to become a great shieldmaiden.

What she doesn’t know is that she might be the last in her family born with a magical gift.

When the boundary between realms is breached, the brave farm girl finds that her destiny may be far more than she expected. Contemplating a tempting offer, she must take a risk that will either save everyone she loves or doom them forever.

Does she really possess a special power? Or will her family suffer for nothing?

I hope you enjoy this coming of age tale with a blend of history, myth, and magic. 


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