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I hope you are doing well! 

In January, Audrey moved out of the townhouse and into her own apartment. It’s so tiny, but so cute. She’s living the city-girl life with Billie now. 

Craig and I had a year full of lots of travel. I went to Vancouver in April to visit Bailey (& Sydney & Stephen, too, of course). In May, Craig, Libby, and I took the travel trailer out for a weekend to a park only about an hour away. It was a good first time getting used to it. We followed that with a trip in May to Daniel Boone state park, where Bear made the trip with us as well. I got a mesh-sided backpack so he could even go on a hike with us. He preferred the air-conditioned trailer after that, but reserves the right to try again.

In July, the four of us headed to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. I’d been there during Audrey’s 8th grade trip, but Craig hadn’t seen it before. We also toured Jamestown where I did some fantastic research for an upcoming novel series. The travel trailer is all we hoped it would be. Craig got us outfitted with a generator so now we are self-reliant and can go anywhere. 

  Craig, Audrey, myself, Libby, and Billie went back to Vancouver in August. We’d hoped to watch Sydney ride in a horse show, but it got cancelled. She did ride Caroline at her home barn though. They are a fantastic duo, but Bailey seems to believe Caroline is her horse. And it seems Caroline might agree. 

Audrey also got to introduce Bailey to her love of Orca’s through an exhibit at the Portland science center. In September, Audrey started a new job with a bigger title in a bigger firm. Her work is in the music industry, but in an accounting-type capacity. Not bad for a dyslexic girl who hated math.

In September, I went to a writer’s retreat in Florida for a few days, near where a friend of mine, Jackie, lives; it was refreshing. Afterward, I stayed with Jackie, along with my co-author and friend, Ashley, for a few more days. It was mostly a week filled with bike rides, laying by the pool, and great friends. It gave me some much needed emotional rest for what the remainder of the year had in store. 

Craig left as soon as I returned to help his mom move. She now lives in a beautiful new apartment where she is making new friends and has more help for her health. He remained to help get her settled throughout the month of October. 

Audrey, Billie, Libby, and I joined him in Spokane, when Sydney, Stephen, and Bailey drove over to celebrate Bailey’s birthday. She is a constant joy in all of our lives and is growing so fast. She’s just started taking her first steps. She’s quite the foodie who loves spicy food already like her dad, and loves horses as much as her mom. The barn is her playground, and it looks like it’s going to become her new home as well. Sydney & Stephen are planning a move around the first of the year.   

Libby turned 16 August 1st. It is still difficult, and I wasn’t sure I could write this, but . . . During our trip to Spokane, Libby wasn’t feeling her best. I took her to the vet when we returned home on Oct 12 and they diagnosed her with Cushing’s disease and pancreatitis. She spent two different times in the hospital and the rest of the time she and I were together every minute. Craig, thankfully, returned on November 1st. It’s still difficult for me to believe (& accept), but she was called to heaven on November 2. 

Bear will be 19 at the end of the month. He has survived Gus, Jack, and Duffy as well. He’s frail, but still every bit the Mama’s Boy he’s always been. I’m grateful for his presence. 

We are staying in Tennessee for Christmas this year. We miss our family very much, but plan to do more travel to visit in the year to come. 

Whatever ups and downs your year has brought, I pray that you feel God’s love as well as ours during this holiday season. 

With all our love, 

Craig, Kelly, Bear, Audrey, Billie, Sydney, Stephen, Bailey, and a whole barnyard of paws & hooves.

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