Ingrid needs to be a shieldmaiden!

Dragons are back in the skies, and dark elves are roaming the moors. It’s time for Ingrid to learn to fight. She shouldn’t be forced to stay at home and spin yarn.

Ingrid has waited long enough.

It’s time to take matters into her own hands and show exactly what she’s capable of. Though she’s always known she’s meant for something great—it’s time to prove it.

Explore Norse mythology in this young adult fantasy adventure loaded with action, suspense, and magic. Find it here!

Power simmers within Ingrid.

Already pursued by a dark elf, now Ingrid’s emerging abilities draw a new source of danger. One that threatens to destroy all magic.

She is supposed to be the one to save the realm—to be the hero. But, what if she’s become more of a threat than a savior?

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Everyone Ingrid loves is dead.

Forced into the Elven realm, Ingrid must complete her destiny while navigating her pain and loss. If she doesn’t, an old war between the gods will renew, and she will be a prisoner of the Dark Elf forever.

Unbeknownst to Ingrid, she isn’t alone. Her love—Jorg—and their friends survived the dragon attack and are on a mission to rescue her through realms fraught with perils and magic.

Book three is the thrilling conclusion to The Viking Maiden series and will keep you enthralled to the very last page. Pick up your copy on Amazon today!