She craves vengeance; he requires justice . . . Fate demands both.

Struck by a curse, Rowena is left vulnerable but determined to free herself and restore her throne. Then she’s betrothed against her will, forcing her into a daring decision that could cost her life.


It’s no matter, Rowena has nothing left except to avenge her family before she dies. But the most powerful, terrifying, and hauntingly handsome fae arrives, demanding she follow her destiny—she can save the entire realm . . . only if she allows her captor to go free.

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Drawn into a dangerous mission to help a dragon shifter from another realm, Violet’s abilities prove necessary for saving an entire race. Except the supernaturals in this realm want the dragon to leave—and they’ll stop at nothing to force him to go.

With a critical deadline looming, the duo races to save lives and protect their own.

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Humanity’s best chance of survival is in the hands of a Viking girl.

Dragons have returned to the skies and dark elves are roaming the moors.

It’s time for Ingrid to prove she’s a capable shieldmaiden, even if it defies the clan’s rules.

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