And the winner is . . .

And the winner is . . .

November 29th – mic drop! A day early but the story found it’s ending.  I sat back and stared at the computer screen for a few minutes in disbelief.  “Did that really just happen?  Did I finish?” Yes! The story I wanted to tell that had filled my brain every day came to an end.  Wide-eyed, I stumbled from my office and surprised my family.  They hadn’t seen me at that time of day all month.  I couldn’t speak, it was like my throat was closed from disuse, but the shimmer of excitement in my eyes told them why.

“Are you done?”

I could only shake my head and grin like an idiot.

“How many words did you end with?”


“Wow!” “Nice!” “I’m so proud of you.”

Those compliments were not what I was searching for, but oh baby, they were music to my ears.  Not only did I meet the challenge, but I met my goal as well – in 29 days!  A glass of wine and my feet up on the ottoman felt fantastic that night.

The next day I sat next to the printer refilling the paper tray as needed.  Over 300 pages later I held my raw, most likely horrible, manuscript in my hands.  It filled my soul with joy.  Then I promptly stuffed it into a filing cabinet and turned my attention toward my family and the Holidays.  Editing is for January.