Amber Magic is out in the world!!

Book 2 of the Viking Maiden series is out today! Amber Magic is a reality!

There were days along this journey that I wondered, but it’s here. And I’m proud of it! Sometimes the things you have to work harder for are the ones that turn out to be the sweetest victories. That’s the case with Ingrid’s second journey.

This time around Ingrid isn’t as much the starry-eyed dreamer as she used to be. Magic resides inside of her, but she doesn’t know how to use it. She’ll need the help of a goddess named, Eir. The best chance of getting information on how to summon the Asgardian is through a völva who lives alone in the woods. Before Ingrid can question her, however, a new enemy makes themselves known–one that wants to destroy all magic, everywhere.

I had so much fun writing this story. At least I can say that now that the edits are all finished. I hope that you enjoy Ingrid’s journey as much as I do!

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